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Due to recent changes and our decision to provide you with an online reader for our releases, we’ve decided it would be easier to manage things if we had our own domain instead of using the free wordpress site. All future news and releases will be available at our new home.

Hope to see you there!

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Hello everybody. We hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Gunota Girl we released last weekend. We also just released chapter two, so be sure to check the post below or go here.

We have some more news for you, though! We’ve been working on setting up an online reader the last few days and it’s finally ready! Now you can enjoy our releases from wherever you may be! Have fun ^_^

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Gunota Girl Chapter 2

For all those of you who have been waiting patiently since last week for another dose of Gundam parody, your wait is over! Links are below.

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PS. We also started a twitter account so you can get updates as soon as we release! Follow us here.

Concerning Bakuman Season 2

Although we started out here at Mezawari working on the first season of Bakuman, at this time we have no plans to sub season 2. Musou_Mitai and have I discussed it, and we agreed that it is too huge an investment of time — the half of season 1 we did last time was pretty all-consuming for a two man group, and we don’t believe we could juggle it with our manga projects and still provide quality releases in a timely manner.

At the moment, what we’re most concerned about is bringing you high-quality releases of Silver Spoon and Gunota Girl. Both of these are projects that no one else will be working on if we stop them, and they’re very important to us. Unless the quality of the subs of Bakuman season 2 are really bad (as in Guess Subs tier), it’s very unlikely that we’ll risk detracting from the quality of our main projects to compete with other subbing groups on an anime.

Those of you who’ve asked about it, we’re delighted to hear that you liked us well enough to want us back, and we’re sorry to disappoint you. However, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our Silver Spoon and Gunota Girl releases as well as any future project we decide to undertake!

We’re Back! Gunota Girl Chapter 01!

Hey everybody! It’s been awhile!

The two of us here at Mezawari Mangawari have been neglecting this site for too long! However, we are pleased to announce that we have begun work on our newest project, “Gunota Girl!”

We had been looking for a series to translate for some time, but a couple weeks ago ObsidianTK messaged me and said, “I know what we should translate!” He then started telling me about this Gundam parody series about a woman who is a ‘Gunota’ (Gundam otaku). Not being a huge Gundam fan myself (not as much as ObsidianTK, anyway), I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to do it or not. He kept insisting on it, so eventually I caved and after reading a little of it, I found it to be quite amusing. And as I read more, I only find it getting better and better.

This series is thick with all sorts of Gundam references, from major characters all the way down to minor events and phrases. Most of them are from the original UC universe, but there are plenty from the other Gundam series as well. Only the most knowledgeable (and perhaps insane) Gundam fans are going to catch them all. Even so, you do not have to be a Gundam otaku yourself to enjoy this series.

So without further rambling (this post has gotten long enough), here is your first dose of Gunota Girl. Keep an eye out for more chapters coming soon.

[ MediaFire | SendSpace ]

PS. I’d like to give a special thanks to a friend of mine over here in Japan who is an original Gundam fan. I decided to give him a special spot on our credits page because without him, this series wouldn’t have turned out as good as it has.

Silver Spoon Chapter 9

Silver Spoon is back and chapter 9 is now ready thanks to the guys over at Red Hawk Scans. Thanks again for always doing such an amazing job with the chapters! Grab it below.

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We hope you enjoy it!

Silver Spoon Chapter 8

We’ve been terrible about updates here recently, but for any of you who still follow us, chapter 8 of Silver Spoon is available. See links below.

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Also, Silver Spoon will be taking another break next week.