Bakuman – 16

It’s already been another week and with it comes the second release by the two of us here at [Mezawari].

I spent some time last week making karaoke for all of you out there who like to know what the songs mean. It was my first time so I had to do a bit of research, but I hope it’s up to par.

Also, be sure to sign up for the RSS feed if you want to know as soon as we release.

We will also be releasing a version two of episode 15 with the Karaoke added and some translation errors fixed within the next couple days, so be sure to grab that as well.

For the love of anime,

PS. Just to let everybody know, I spent all week working on building a time machine. Then I traveled to the future, stole guesssubs’ work, and brought it back for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy


23 responses to “Bakuman – 16

  1. Let me congrats you guys on your second release. I really admire that two friends can do something that other groups need at-least 5 people working on it for a whole community. Keep on going and keep improving is the only thing I can say

  2. Hey, I’m from a fansub called HiddenSubs. We don’t sub anime but we do karaoke for MVs so I thought if you want we could try and make a good karaoke style for the bakuman OP and ED so you can use it. If you’re interested email me.

  3. Great work, I was impressed by your release last week too in terms of accuracy and speed. You’re infinitely times better than GuessSubs’ half baked effort and have a far better attitude towards your own work and fansubbing in general. That guy is so far up his own ass, he’s crawling out of his mouth.

    Just a few minor suggestions, I think it’s more conventional to have pauses or stutters written with either hyphens or ellipses as opposed to commas. For example you’ve used “S, sorry” or “T, thank you” when most other people/groups would probably use “S-sorry”. Very minor thing though.

    The choice of font you’ve used for the main dialogue, Blambot, is a little ugly. Something a bit more plain would improve the legibility too. Compare what other groups have used, they’ve all chosen a font which is easy on the eyes and to read. Something like Calibri or Myriad Pro aren’t too bad.

    Finally, you might want to add chapters to your future releases as well as a CRC32 hash at the end of your filenames to follow what the majority of other groups do.

    These are just some some very minor points, I’m not telling you lot what to do, just giving out some constructive criticism. I do not mean to offend, if I have, I apologise.

    Thanks for the releases so far!

    • Thanks! Unlike certain others who shall not be named, we pretty much always welcome advice — if it can be better, I want it to be better.

      As far as your suggestions, the comma as opposed to the dash was just my own personal habit; I think I’m going to look into it and see what the “official” correct grammar of a stutter like that should be. Musou_Mitai is pretty attached to Blambot, but personally I’m not really that fond of it, and we’re already thinking about changing it for future releases.

      Again, thanks for the feedback, it’s always appreciated.

  4. Thanks, I was tired of always waiting. =D

  5. thank you, great job

  6. Thank you for this expeditious release that finally puts the ego of GS in its place.

    Those guys cry wolf way too often to be taken seriously.

  7. Guys, fonts are no good 😦

    • A lot of others agree with you, including my editor, so I have changed them for the v2 release of 15 and all other future releases. Hope you like the new one better!

  8. Good job stealing the leaked Guess script and uploading an unfinished shitsub just to prove a point.

    Or something like that.

    Still haven’t watched 15 yet, so I’ll wait for your v2.

  9. Thanks guys for the release and lend me your time machine! 😛

  10. Is this 720p an upscale?

  11. change fonts please. 😀
    Nice translation by the way. ^^

    video is kinda laggy i think????? or is just mine… @_@?

    • What codec pack and media player are you using? Musou_Mitai is using K-Lite/VLC, and I’m using CCCP/MPC, and neither of us had any problems when we tested the final release.

      • I’m using CCCP/MPC 😀
        But I guess it’s just me… I just tried to play it again, it seems fine now. Hahaha. Must be something with my system. xD

        Thank you very much for the subs. ^^

        Keep up the GREAT work considering there’s just the two of you. 😀

  12. Thank u 4 subbing this!
    and how about joining forces with [g4mbler]?

    • You’re welcome.

      We actually got an email from the fellow at [g4mbler], but for now, we’re not really interested in expanding our little two man team — we don’t currently have any plans to sub more than one anime at a time, and keeping it just the two of us cuts out a great deal of any timezone differences and communications lag that can get in the way of quickly, easily subbing anime.

      • That’s a bit of a shame.

        The typesetting for the signs and such (probably the weakest area of your subs now) that Gambler did for episode 13 that I saw was pretty good.

        Still, I can understand trying to keep it a tight-knit group so you can do things as efficiently as possibly.

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