Bakuman – 15v2

Version 2 changes:
– Added karaoke to OP and ED
– Fixed some translation errors
– Changed main font

We received quite a few emails and comments about the font I chose. It seems it was disliked by many, including my editor, so I really had no choice but to change it to something else. Let us know what you think.

Also, be sure to subscribe to know as soon as we release!

For the love of anime,


8 responses to “Bakuman – 15v2

  1. Enjoyed both ep15&16 but have an issue playing them. VLC only works for me, not Quick Time 7 (with Perian) installed (yes, Mac user). Video does not show. Subtitles and audio work fine. Video is all green. Most MKVs will play on QT7 with Perian. Would it be a codec? Or what else might be different? OK, came across this

    But I have no idea how to remux the file without header removal compression… so guess stuck using VLC.

    • I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble. Did you ever download our version 1 release of episode 15? If you haven’t, could you do so here and let me know if it has the same problem as 15v2 and 16? I did something different with the latter two and am wondering if that is what is causing the problem.


      • Yes, I had gotten ep15 first version when it came out. Green for video as well. All 3 play fine in VLC. From Perian forum, older version of mkvmerge won’t create this issue with the green, newer versions will if some setting related to header removal compression isn’t done. I don’t know how/understand anything about encoding/creating mkv files so I don’t know if that’s an easy or hard thing to do. Thanks for the reply.

      • OK, I found mkvtoolnix 4.3.0 dmg file on Mac section at mkvtoolnix page and reading an entry here can use the newer version, just set Compression (Extra options tab) to NONE for video, audio, subtitle tracks and click Start mux. It was very fast to do the file (15v2). And it works, QT7 with Perian I can see the video now!

    • As that thread you’ve linked to says, it’s to do with header removal compression which mkvtoolnix added since version 4.1.0. So basically the fix is to remux the file using a version older than v4.1.0, i.e. v4.0.0.

      I’ve not used mkvtoolnix on a Mac, but on Windows it’s very easy to remux a file, just add the original file and click “Start muxing”, that’s it.

      You could also try using MPlayer OSX Extended and see if that supports header removal compression. It has a far better subtitle renderer than VLC.

      Side note, good to see that you’ve changed the main dialogue font Mezawari, it’s much more readable now. You can add chapters (i.e. OP/ED, Part A, Part B, Preview etc) quite easily in mkvtoolnix too in the Chapter Editor.

      Keep up the good work!

      • mkvtoolnix is made for Linux/Windows users. There is a Mac version but not by the person who made mkvtoolnix. I can’t find a 4.0 Mac version. It doesn’t sound like install this, open and go in nice easy steps (to me anyway).

        Thank-you for the MPlayer OSX Extended suggestion. Glad to know there’s a newer version.

  2. Thanks for subbing Bakuman episode 15. I hope the translation is good

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