Bakuman – 17

Here is Bakuman 17 for your viewing pleasure. Took a bit longer this week because I decided I deserved to sleep instead of staying up for 36 hours straight like last week. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Oh, and be sure to subscribe to know as soon as we release!

For the love of anime,


22 responses to “Bakuman – 17

  1. Wow, how can you be so selfish as to put sleep before all of us? Even though you’re still the first to release, it could have been out earlier!

    I feel betrayed, downloading now.

  2. It would be very pleasing, if you could upload this to Megaupload/sth. similar.

  3. @11:25>”You’re drawing ability is definitely genius-level.
    At least, that’s my opion”

    Hey what gives, Mezawari? Aren’t you going for the title of The Best? Maybe instead of sleeping you should proofread you’re script. At least, that’s my opion.

    • I don’t believe we ever said we wanted to be ‘The Best.’
      I can settle for ‘Better Than The Rest.’
      So if that was the only mistake in the episode, I’d consider it a win 😛

      Honestly though, thanks for pointing it out. It will be fixed if there is ever a v2 release.

  4. Yeah, can you upload it to a direct download site, seeing as how they are suing people for downloading anime through torrents now.

  5. Also: UnLucky=Akaneon in disguise…

  6. They never said they were going for the title of The Best. Do it better if you can, else stop complaining. And you should proofread your comments.

  7. Subb9ing comes first den sleep lol -_0

  8. God, i thought this page would be full of thanks, but apparently the human race is selfish arrogant and self-important and hating, and don’t know when to appreciate something free and made awesomely for them. To mezawari: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING, keep up the good work, and sleep whenever u want you are a human being and have another life than subbing, i know that cuz i translated before, really thank you for subbing, i bet you’re doing your best 🙂 thank you

  9. I’ll second that.
    You guys are amazing! I’m so glad I can watch the new episode right after the japanese aring, I wanted to thank you guys for subbing Bakuman.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Thanks for good work! Additional comments explaining the wordplay and some meaning were so good – a joy to watch this episode under your subs^^

    • Glad to hear it — I’ve always felt a bit outspoken about those. Speaking more than a bit of Japanese myself, I very much like to know the real meaning of what’s going on, but I’ve also heard a lot of viewers dislike translator notes and would prefer to have jokes Westernized for them. Both Musou_Mitai and I like to try and strike a balance between finding an English equivalent (like replacing “Mecha Crow” with “Robo Crow,” because “Robo” sounds like “Hello,” and almost gets the joke across the language barrier intact) and just explaining the jokes that are too cultural or obscure to translate without completely rewriting them.


  11. Subtitle resolution is wrong o.O It’s set to 640×480 so on most default setups, the subs will appear less sharp, etc.

    Good release though dawgs!

  12. Checked your sub out for the first time. C-Crow! Appreciate the added details. Keep up the good work.

  13. Nice TL notes, and typesetting is improving. Keep up the good work!

  14. Thank you very much for your hard work. 😀

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