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Bakuman – 21

Good morning, campers!  Here’s your weeky infusion of Bakuman, complete with yet another song we had to karaoke.

Trivia time: Koogy’s song is actually an arrangement of  “Euphoria,” a song by Hyde, the lead singer for L’Arc~en~Ciel (a group you may know from the second Full Metal Alchemist OP, “Ready Steady Go,” or “Daybreak’s Bell,” the first Gundam 00 season 1 OP) and VAMPS.  “Euphoria” is off of VAMPS’ 2010 album “Beast,” and Hyde himself actually makes a guest appearance as Koogy’s producer.

If I don’t say, “For the Love of Anime,” Musou_Mitai will just edit it into my post, so…

For the Love of Anime,


Bakuman – 20

It’s that time of week again, kiddies! Lots of original content and yet another insert song this time around, but we handled it with our usual cool style.

Seems we had no complaints last week, so we’ll be sticking to soft subs again for karaoke this week; remember to read up here if you’re having trouble with swipe effects and such in Media Player Classic.

Other than that, the cell phone text will be a darker shade of blue from here on out.  Apparently Musou_Mitai decided on light blue as a tribute to my favorite character (manga readers, you know who I’m talkin’ about!), but after someone pointed it out to us last week, we both agreed that it’s a bit on the bright side.

Musou_Mitai-insists-that-I-have-to-say For the love of anime,


Concerning Detective Trap

We’ve all been anticipating the debut of Ashirogi Muto’s new manga, Detective Trap.  Musou_Mitai and I were actually discussing the translation of this title even before the episode aired, and we have decided to deviate from the accepted translation of this series.  Minor spoilers for episode 20 ahead.

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A Special Gundam Reference

For all of us Gundam fans, it seems that M’Quve’s YMS-15 Gyan, having been destroyed in the original Mobile Suit Gundam, has become an angel and at 16:50 in episode 19, makes a special guest appearance in Nizuma Eiji’s Crow!

Bakuman – 19

Hey everybody. Here’s your weekly Bakuman fix.

Changes this week:
-All subs are soft subbed, including the OP and ED. (Please see note below if you are having problems with the karaoke.)
-Went back to translating on-screen text with normal subs at the top of the screen instead of covering it up with text boxes.
-Chapters have been added to the .mkv for those of you who make use of them.

**Special thanks to Soukyuu for helping me figure out how to add chapters along with some other useful advice. Much appreciated.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the subtitles (karaoke swipe effect not working correctly or text boxes not scrolling properly) in MPC, please see our post.

For the love of anime,


Subtitle Fix

If you are having trouble with subtitles not displaying the way they should in MPC, one of your options may be set wrong. Due to resource issues, MPC is set up by default to not render every single frame of a subtitle line. To change this setting, go to View -> Options -> Subtitles and under ‘Texture Settings’ set the first option to ‘0’. Reset MPC and you should be good to go.

Click the image below for a visual.

For the love of anime,

P.S. During testing I played episode 19 on my laptop with the latest version of CCCP (2010-10-10) and the version of MPC-HC bundled with it, and had no problem with the karaoke effects even without checking “Allow Animation when Buffering” or setting the Buffer frames to 0.  So, the latest version of MPC-HC seems to be okay with karaoke regardless of how the subtitle buffering options are set.


Bakuman – 18

Hello again everybody. Bakuman 18 is finally ready.

Sorry for being a bit slower this time around, but this week’s episode was proving to be particularly difficult with two insert songs and a good amount of cellphone screens and the like. I was trying to do something different and it was much more difficult than I expected. I hope all the extra work the two of us had to put in this week shows. Let us know what you think.

Fixed this week:
-subtitles will now appear at 1280×720 resolution as they should have been all along. Thanks to those who noticed and pointed it out.

For the love of anime,