Bakuman – 18

Hello again everybody. Bakuman 18 is finally ready.

Sorry for being a bit slower this time around, but this week’s episode was proving to be particularly difficult with two insert songs and a good amount of cellphone screens and the like. I was trying to do something different and it was much more difficult than I expected. I hope all the extra work the two of us had to put in this week shows. Let us know what you think.

Fixed this week:
-subtitles will now appear at 1280×720 resolution as they should have been all along. Thanks to those who noticed and pointed it out.

For the love of anime,


18 responses to “Bakuman – 18

  1. At long last! I got impatient and mistakenly downloaded that NFR pile of fail. I’ve been regretting it for the past hour…

    Thank you for rescuing this show, seriously.

    • You’re welcome!

      And yeah, I started watching his and stopped as soon as I realized that his subs for the recap were ripped straight out of our release of last week’s episode.

  2. There’s no problem in releasing the new episode on a sunday.
    It’s still very fast. Thx for the release (:

  3. Thank you for releasing this. 🙂

  4. I would also like to thank you for this release, and for rescuing the show!

  5. Thank you for the very quick release. It will be great if soft subs will continue to be used for sign and background translations, so that the original material will be properly reserved instead of being covered up by text boxes.

    • That’s what I was trying out in this episode and the reason the release was slower than usual. I’ve seen other groups lay translations over original text and it looks nice, so I wanted to give it a shot. However, the only way to make the transformations show up right is to hard sub them. I’m pretty sure I will not be doing it this way again, mainly because of the effort it requires.

      Thanks for your support and the feedback is always appreciated. ^_^

    • Yeah, we tried covering stuff up on-screen with translations because people seemed to want that, but Musou_Mitai said that it was a ton of extra work, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be bothering to cover stuff up like this again.

      The only reason karaoke and effects are usually hardsubbed is that by default, most media players buffer several frames of subtitle data ahead, which causes most effects to get screwed up. You can tell your media player not to buffer subs ahead, and that will make softsubbed karaoke and effects work fine, but we don’t want to make our entire viewer base change settings to see things properly.

      • As long as one uses updated software, there should not be any problems. Recent versions of VSFilter allow buffering WITH animations and nothing gets lost or screwed up. Catering to people with outdated or buggy software is definitely not the way to go though.

        I only watched this episode from you and it was a solid work – only 2 things that bothered me was the simple yet hardsubbed karaoke (simple is good, but no need to hardsub) and missing chapters. MKV chapter format is really easy, so there shouldn’t be any problems adding them.

        It would be nice to see you continue with the complex typesetting, I know how much work it is, but IMHO it’s definitely worth it. Just leave those signs which look weird because of ASS-tag limits out and it’ll be fine.

  6. Thank you very much for the release. 🙂

  7. @7:11>”You’re ideas are really interesting.”

    At least you got “opinion” right this time~

    And I won’t intentionally make the same mistake that I’m pointing out. Some people can’t appreciate the humor.

  8. About the OP. I think the english translation should be at the bottom part and the romaji translation should be at the top. It feels kinda weird in a sense that it’s supposed to be reversed

    • Sorry your comment got lost in pending purgatory for a couple days, WordPress marked it as spam for some reason.

      I assume Musou_Mitai has some reason he’s laid it out the way he has, I’ll ask him why he does it that way; but my hunch is it’s because the Japanese karaoke is already in the raw, and he wants to put the Romanji next to the actual Japanese lyrics.

      • Talked to MM today while we were working on ep. 19, turns out I was right. He puts the Romanji at the bottom because it looks really weird to have it at the top when the Japanese lyrics are hardsubbed into the raw down at the bottom there.

  9. good stuff 😉

  10. Please add mini size version, and thanks for the release.

  11. Your first effort on Bakuman was quite good, and the latest is better. Some fansubbers don’t always translate the OP/ED, or if they do, omit the Romanji. I’m happy to see that is not the case for you. I look forward to enjoying your future efforts. Your work is much appreciated, especially by those of us who have little understanding of Japanese. Thanks again!

  12. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

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