Bakuman – 19

Hey everybody. Here’s your weekly Bakuman fix.

Changes this week:
-All subs are soft subbed, including the OP and ED. (Please see note below if you are having problems with the karaoke.)
-Went back to translating on-screen text with normal subs at the top of the screen instead of covering it up with text boxes.
-Chapters have been added to the .mkv for those of you who make use of them.

**Special thanks to Soukyuu for helping me figure out how to add chapters along with some other useful advice. Much appreciated.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the subtitles (karaoke swipe effect not working correctly or text boxes not scrolling properly) in MPC, please see our post.

For the love of anime,


21 responses to “Bakuman – 19

  1. Hey do you guys planningo subbing the older episodes too?

    • I’ve thought about doing episodes 13 and 14 to fill the gap from when [gg] stopped and we started, but I’m not sure yet. If I do, they will most likely be released in a batch release when season one finishes up, but there are no guarantees.

      • If it takes too much out of your time, then it’s understandable. It would be nice though. I digg your guys version of the series and I really digg the TL: Note at the top of the screen. I think other groups should use that more often.

  2. Thanks for the release.

    Glad to see you adding chapters, which I suggested a few weeks back, I for one use them all the time.

  3. Thanks for the release.

  4. Hey you guy thanks for your version you have a DD pleaseee..

  5. Can you guys make the font a bit bigger? It’s kinda difficult to read.
    Anyway, thanks for the release.

  6. You guys own. I don’t care about the chapters, but I’d be nice if the karaoke had a bit more flair. Can’t complain, though, you guys are still my heroes.

    Also, I wish you’d do something with this empty void of a wordpress site (grumble, etc.)

  7. @Musou_Mitai: no problem, thanks for the subs.

    Did you guys change anything in your encoding settings? (if you encode yourself that is) Playback screwed up badly when I used DXVA, though ffmpeg-mt was fine:

    I’d suggest changing the blue border on the sign style to something else, it’s somehow hard to read and doesn’t fit the normal style imho.

    • For the last few weeks, I’ve been encoding myself in order to hard sub the karaoke and a few other signs and whatnot. This week, though, everything was soft subbed, so I didn’t touch the original mp4 file at all. I did use a different source raw this week because it was the first to be released, though. Maybe that’s the problem? I actually know very little about encoding. I try to stay away from it because I’m sure I’ll mess it up in one way or another and not have any idea why 😛

      Usual source: Local-Raws
      This week: TV-Japan

      • I had a small glitch where the subtitles starting from 20:14 would start to flash on and off like mad (MPC + CCCP), however if I seeked past, it’d return to normal. I looked at the .ass and it’s fine so I can only assume there’s something wrong with the actual encoding of the video.

        Playing the file back with VLC, the video stutters (but not subs) at around 20:08 to 20:13 so I presume that’s the “bad spot”.

        It seems it’s the same spot that Soukyuu had problems with too.

    • Well, I just tested the file on both my desktop and laptop, in VLC and MPC, and I the only error I could find was a slight stuttering in VLC that appears to be the same as what SadBear experienced. Luckily, I still have the raw floating around on my desktop, and it looks like the problem is with the original file — it stutters at exactly the same spot in the raw.

  8. Another excellent episode with an acceptable deviation from the manga. One question I have is this:
    Virtually every other fansub group who has done this anime has produced .mkv files that are significantly larger that those produced by Mezawari. How do you manage to produce smaller files but lose nothing in resolution? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Actually, we’ve been a little mystified about that ourselves the last couple weeks — we didn’t do anything special in our encoding settings, but the file sizes kept getting smaller. This week, we actually didn’t reencode it at all, we just packaged the subtitles in with the .mp4, so it’s actually roughly the same file size as the original raw.

      • Re-encoding a h264 video will lead to quality loss and less quality means less space needed, so that’s the reason your previous episodes shrank in size. Many groups encode from the .ts (which is HUGE, being MPEG2 afaik) and then they sometimes give it a lower CRF to be sure no weird artifacts creep up in darker scenes. Pre-encoded raws from share/PD are usually of a worse quality, so if you get them, it’s obvious they will be smaller size.

        For example, if you check the first scene of ep19 (the night sky), you will see a lot of artifacts, probably (but not necessarily) because of a too high CRF used in encoding – bright scenes don’t need a low CRF, but dark ones do, usually 1-4 lower than bright scenes (or even more). You can either choose to go with a lower CRF for the whole episode (the lazy way, means bigger filesize) or define zones with different CRF (the slower way, not many take that one)

  9. Thanks a lot for the new episode. You are my heroes!! You are faster than anyone group made bakuman. There are yet few episodes and I hope that there will be a second season for this incredibile anime.
    A question: After you will finish bakuman, did you think about some other project of the new season that will start in march?

    • We’ve talked about it a bit, but haven’t really decided on anything. Musou_Mitai and I are both interested in Moshidora, and I’m wet-my-pants excited about a new Appleseed (though I know nothing about it other than the fact that it’s Appleseed, which to my mind means it’ll most likely be awesome), so those are possibilities.

      In all honesty, though, whether we do a show or not and even what we do is going to be based on whether we need to do something. We stepped in on Bakuman because there were no decent subs being released in a timely manner, but if all the shows we’re interested in next season get picked up by fast, reliable groups, it’s pretty likely that we’ll just sit back and enjoy them while letting others do the hard work ^_^.

  10. Ok thank you for the reply, I will support whatever you will decide to do!

  11. Just time checkiing since I’m in a different time zone and I don’t know the time difference

    • The blog was on UTC±0 for god knows what reason, since I’m on PST and Musou_Mitai was on PST before moving to Japan, that’s what it is now.

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