Bakuman – 20

It’s that time of week again, kiddies! Lots of original content and yet another insert song this time around, but we handled it with our usual cool style.

Seems we had no complaints last week, so we’ll be sticking to soft subs again for karaoke this week; remember to read up here if you’re having trouble with swipe effects and such in Media Player Classic.

Other than that, the cell phone text will be a darker shade of blue from here on out.  Apparently Musou_Mitai decided on light blue as a tribute to my favorite character (manga readers, you know who I’m talkin’ about!), but after someone pointed it out to us last week, we both agreed that it’s a bit on the bright side.

Musou_Mitai-insists-that-I-have-to-say For the love of anime,


14 responses to “Bakuman – 20

  1. Can u provide a ddl Link 🙂 I did appreciate it .

  2. Great work guys, downloading as we speak!
    Though I do have one question, is it at all possible to have a hardsubbed MP4 released alongside the MKV? I’d love to watch Bakuman on my PS3 and my 40″ Bravia but my ps3 doesn’t support the mkv format.

    • Actually, Musou_Mitai and I both have PS3s, and we use PS3 Media Server to get our consoles to play just about anything. It’ll stream just about anything off your computer, and transcode it on the fly if it’s a format the PS3 doesn’t support.

      • Yeah I use that as well but for some reason anything 720P or higher stutters when I try to stream it over the media server. I’ve looked into solving the stuttering but all I’ve found are circles, some people say it’s the ps3, some say it could be the internet connection, some say it’s cores. :S it’s frustrating.

    • I just checked to see if I could get our episodes to play on my PS3 and it had a fit, so I feel your pain. We do not plan on making a hard subbed mp4 version of our releases. However, here’s some info that might help:

      I watch a lot of my anime using my iPhone in the morning/evening on the train while I commute to work, so I have to convert all the episodes to mp4. To do this, I use a wonderful little program call Xvid4PSP. It’s freeware, so no worries there.

      When I first started using the program, it would automatically insert the soft subs from the mkv files into the video, but recently I’ve had to extract the .ass file from the mkv and add it manually. I did some digging and found this, which I’m actually going to do here soon to save time.

      When you open the program, just make sure the ‘format’ option on the left is set to ‘MP4.’ There are also other settings to make MP4s ready for use on the PSP or an iPhone, AVI files, etc, should you want to play with them. On my desktop, it usually takes about 10-15 minutes to convert an episode.

      Hope that works out for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. @15:23> Real serializtion is once every week

    Not everyone can get straight A’s but please take care and continue to work hard~

  4. Thank you very much for the hard work~~~~ 😀

  5. Would Mezawari consider subbing eps 13 and 14 to bridge to [gg] upon the series completion? Thanks for the hard work in any case.

  6. Greatly appreciate the work. An alternate download link may be in order, though. Nyaatorrents just seems to be freakin’ gone.

  7. I’d really appreciate a non torrent link, torrents are the one service which aren’t available to all people. It sucks seeing an episode is released yet not being able to get it until hours later.

  8. You continue to reign supreme. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into giving this awesome show a worthy sub. Also, not sure what casual1ty is talking about since bittorrent clients are freeware.

    • Some ISPs throttle or block BT traffic, I guess?

      Anyway, thanks again for the timely release guys, you rock! Sticking with you for the rest of the season 🙂 – Any plans to do S2 whenever it airs?

      • Season 2 will be airing in the Fall of this year. As of now, we have tentative plans to sub it, but we’ve both agreed that 8 months from now is a long ways away, so no promises yet 😛

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