Concerning Detective Trap

We’ve all been anticipating the debut of Ashirogi Muto’s new manga, Detective Trap.  Musou_Mitai and I were actually discussing the translation of this title even before the episode aired, and we have decided to deviate from the accepted translation of this series.  Minor spoilers for episode 20 ahead.

The series is titled “疑探偵 Trap,” (“Gitantei Trap”) which, literally translated, means “Suspicious/Doubtful Detective Trap.”  The accepted translation from the Bakuman manga scanslations has always simply been “Detective Trap,” ignoring the first kanji altogether.  Before the episode aired, I had convinced Musou_Mitai to go ahead and continue using the translation we’re all familiar with from the manga, just to keep things consistent with the version of the title that most of you who read the manga probably know.

However, this week’s episode featured a totally new scene between Takagi and Mashiro specifically concerning the name of the manga.  They decide that simply calling the manga “探偵 Trap” (“Tantei Trap,” literally “Detective Trap”) is too weak, and rename it to its final, official name.  Seeing as it wouldn’t make sense at all to keep calling it “Detective Trap” with that new conversation added in, we’ve decided to begin translating “疑探偵 Trap” as “Shady Detective Trap.”

Hope that answers any questions any of you may have had regarding our deviation from the scanslated manga’s accepted translation of this title.

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  1. good choice!

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