Bakuman – 22

You win, Bakuman!  Stop it with the songs!

Took us longer than usual this week because Musou_Mitai is lazy and unmotivated, but that’s nothing new.  Also, he wastes time on things like “talking to girls” and “sleeping” when he ought to be translating!

For the blah blah blah,


11 responses to “Bakuman – 22

  1. Thanks another time, I follow you form mexico , nice caps…. great job…

    See ya

  2. Thanks guys, you are the best! I was asking myself but… where are the Mezawari subs… and here they are!

  3. So nice to have a group who sub this in a decent amount of time, and good quality too. It’s great to have the speedsubbers also be the one to archive.

  4. Thanks as usual. Been waiting for your release. You’re still the fastest and quality is good too.

  5. Guys, your site is pretty enough right now)

  6. Thanks guys 🙂
    Shame on Musou_Mitai -_-
    I stayed up until 3am hoping for subs before finally going to sleep :p

    • Seriously, only 10 hours faster than everybody else this week, we must be losing our touch or something.

  7. I said this in AniDB but seemed like it was a good thing to do it here too, it might be a positive note to improve your releases 😉

    “The only (big) complaint I have is that they use subtitles way too short and low..they are in a place so low that you have to almost get out your eyes off of the whole image just to read, if they can rise both size and place of the subs it would be great..

    other than that, pretty good, small mistakes here and there, not only concerning proper english but also with the translations (it is a bad idea to add few words after some sentences like “yeah” or “right” as in “We really want to be serialized, right?” and what he said was clearly something like “After all, we do want to get serialized!”..also, another “note” I’m not too sure about this one but they have “Koogy” and I think the oficial is Koji Makaino..might be wrong though..”

    • Well, to address the subtitles themselves, neither of us actually noticed that they were lower/smaller than other groups’, but upon comparing them, they clearly are, so we’ll move them up a little for future releases. The batch release at the end of the season will have a unified style as far as subs go — we’ve changed them so many times to try and make everybody happy that it’s gotten a little crazy. 😛

      As an English major, I actually don’t see a huge difference between “We really want to be serialized, right?” and “After all, we do want to get serialized,” aside from the obvious fact that it’s a question vs. a statement. Generally, I edit for conversation flow and to eliminate repeated phrasing (such as using “after all,” or “right” too many times in period of time), and small changes like that in the name of making the conversation sound like something that would actually be spoken in English almost never affect the actual meaning of the sentence.

      Lastly, regarding Koogy/Koji, his name is Makaino Koji, however his “stage name” is Koogy. When characters refer to him by full name (Makaino Koji) or with an honorific (Makaino-san, Koji-kun, etc.) we translate that as Makaino Koji. However, nobody would call him by his first name without an honorific unless they were really close to him, so when our heroes just call him by his first name without honorific, we assume that they are referring to his stage name, and translate that as Koogy.

      • Well, yeah, it certainly was a big difference when I saw [TMD_A-Destiny] release and then yours because their size and place in the screen is much bigger/higher (respectively) lol I thought “Oww, I really need to tell them this” eheh.

        Regarding both sentences. I know, they don’t make a difference that big. However it is a matter of tone, he was saying that with pride and out loud so that Takagi (in front of him) could accept his determination so, having a sentence followed with the question mark just to “are you hearing” meaning was unecessary imho because translating word by word (and it still makes sense in proper english) was something like the second sentence.

        About his name. Sorry, now I know what you guys meant. Koogy as in his stage name; because japanese people don’t treat persons so casually without knowing them..Ok, thanks for clarifying me :p

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