Bakuman 23 Air Time Changed to… Sometime.

Official word from NHK is that Bakuman 23 has been delayed (obviously), and that they will announce the new air time on their blag at some point in the future.  We’ll keep you up to date.

6 responses to “Bakuman 23 Air Time Changed to… Sometime.

  1. Damn shame.
    Thanks for the good work, nonetheless. Looking forward to ep. 23!

  2. I wonder what they’ll do about shows that will now be delayed a week or two clashing with shows that are supposed to start airing in those slots at the start of April…

    Anyways, thanks for the episodes so far, looking forward to the final ones.

  3. well.. can’t blame the tsunami though.. its unpredictable. all we can do is wait for them to recover and air bakuman soon!

  4. So with this free time, would you happen to go back and sub some of those episodes that weren’t done so well by that other guy? Just wondering… Thanks for the good work, nonetheless!

  5. Or .. let them rest. ” Musou_Mitai ” is in Tokyo anyway .. First thing in his mind probably isn’t fansubbing at a time like this ..

    I’m wondering too about that schedule thing though .. Will all those series that are scheduled to start in April now then get pushed back by a week ( or more ) or how will it work out ?

  6. Looks like the final ep is going to be delayed because of high school baseball. Maybe they’ll just push the whole schedule back a week…

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