Musou_Mitai Update

Greetings from a confused Tokyo. I know a lot of you out there are probably disappointed that anime has basically stopped for the last few days, but I’m sure you can find something else to do to fill your time while we wait (hint: try reading a book).

I realized I’ve been having Obsidian_TK do all the updates lately, so I figured I should make a post about my situation.

Last Friday when the earthquake hit, I was still at school. Most of the kids had already gone home, but there were still quite of few left. Since I came to Japan two and a half years ago, I’ve seen the kids do many earthquake and fire drills, but I was still surprised at how well all the kids reacted when the real deal happened. Those kids already outside gathered together in the middle of the school grounds away from any trees or windows and the kids inside waited for the PA announcement telling them to evacuate outside. The teachers were shaken up as well, but considering the situation, performed amazingly. I was very impressed.

All the trains stopped immediately. They were unable to determine damage to the railways right away, so I was effectively stuck at work until about 10PM, when a friend of another teacher finally showed up and I was able to get a ride home. (I could have walked home, but that would have taken about 5-6 hours)

The aftershocks have continued since Friday. I’m not sure how many of them have been covered on the news around the globe, but last night (Monday over here), there was a 6.2 quake in Shizuoka prefecture (west of Tokyo) and another 6.0 quake a little way off the coast of Chiba prefecture (east of Tokyo) about two hours ago. While they didn’t cause any major damage or generate tsunamis, they are enough to keep those of us experiencing them on edge. This can easily be seen by going into any grocery store or convenience store and seeing the bare shelves where there should be bread, yogurt, milk, juice, spaghetti, you name it. I’ve never seen anything like it and it has me a bit nervous. I think I’ve had my fill of earthquakes for a lifetime.

The Tokyo area is also experiencing planned blackouts due to energy shortage concerns caused by the failure of the nuclear power plants up north. I think it might be somewhat arbitrary, but areas have been divided up into five groups and each group is powered down for a few hours at a time. This causes the trains to stop running in those areas and I haven’t been completely sure of when/if I’ll be able to get to and from work. Yesterday, I was stuck at school again because the trains stopped running until 7:30PM. I ended up grading tests by flashlight. I did have fun scaring some of the other teachers in the dark, though ^_^

I will continue to keep an eye out for when Bakuman will resume airing, but as ‘Dist’ said in a comment on our previous post, it’s not exactly my top priority at the moment. When it does air, Obsidian_TK and I will do our best to get it out quickly, but I can’t promise anything.

Thanks for all your support guys. I hope things can get back to some semblance of normal soon, but as of now there’s nothing to do but deal with it.


PS – Official numbers as of March 16 at 12:00 JPT:

3,676 confirmed deceased
7,845 confirmed missing
440,000+ currently in evacuation shelters

2 responses to “Musou_Mitai Update

  1. It’s like someone is making fun of Japan. First the quake, then the tsunami, and if the dead people and destroyed homes weren’t enough, Fukushima I gets hit so bad it gets out of control. Murphy’s law in it’s best form -_-

    I’m really hoping the Fukushima mess will be fixed asap, but somehow the situation seems to be deteriorating with every passing hour. Even though I’m nowhere near Japan, I’m pretty stressed and shocked about the whole situation.

    What annoys me the most is the lack of clear information, german TV seems to be translating from what they see on NHK world and the translated commentary there is…. well, pretty contradicting and confusing. I’ve been trying to get some info from inside Japan, but my Japanese fails me (and I can’t find a working livestream ever since ustream went down for maintenance)

    Anyway, good luck and take care of yourself. Hope it all ends soon and, most importantly, well.

  2. Those informations are very scary. I symphatise so much and I hope that now everything will be allright. :[ Take care there!

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