Bakuman – 23

Finally!  After a week’s break for some really tragic circumstances, Bakuman is back on the air, and we’re here to sub it!

Due to a some feedback we received recently, font is a little higher and a little bigger this week.  It is extremely unlikely that we will change it again, and the end of season batch torrent will have all episodes with this style.

For everyone affected by the tragedy in Japan,


PS: All of you who posted in the previous comment about Musou_Mitai subbing during a 6.1 aftershock, thank you so much!  You guys are what makes it worth it to spend ridiculous amounts of time on this every week :D.

PPS: Musou_Mitai is tired of straining his ears to hear people talking over music, and his TV card doesn’t work with Japanese TV and an American version of Windows, so if anybody is interested in supplying us with a raw that has CC, toss us an email.

12 responses to “Bakuman – 23

  1. thx, but got a ddl ?

    The torrent isnt going at all

    • At the beginning, it’s always me uploading solo. Just give it a few minutes and it will speed up. I promise ^_^

    • Torrent will be slow at the moment because the only person who is seeding is Obsidian 😛 Considering he is the only one who has the entire thing. Give it a bit, after some other people download more of it and people finish the download it will speed up.

      Also thanks a bunch guys 😀 Always appreciate your hard work!!

      PS: Garetz…. whats with the pink swaztika?

      • ROFL, actually it’s just Musou_Mitai seeding right now — I live out in the countryside, and although my connection is mostly decent when downloading, it leaves something to be desired when uploading. And I think Garetz just got a bad roll on the WordPress-random-avatar machine :P.

  2. Thanks!!

  3. Thankyo^^ 🙂

  4. Musou_Mitai you are the best!! thank you guys! i’ve been waiting for bakuman for more than a week!! thank you thank you thank you!!

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