Bakuman – 24

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.  One more episode to go this season!

For the Love of Anime,


14 responses to “Bakuman – 24

  1. Chibi Shokunin

    So there is going to be a 3th season?

    And thanks for subbing this show 😀

  2. Don’t you mean 2nd season? :P.

    anyways Thanks for subbing! Been watching you guys from this dark corner over there *points in a random direction*

  3. best show ever

    edit: i mean *series

  4. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication!! Really appreciate it 😉

  5. Do you guys plan to sub anything at all next season?

    • I recently answered that in detail here.

      Since then, I’ve talked to Musou_Mitai some more, and he wants to sit out next season and get a TV card working with his computer, so he can see closed captions. When that happens, we’re also probably going to recruit a timer and encoder to spread the workload around a little.

      So, in short, we currently have no plans to sub anything during the spring season, but don’t be surprised when you see us pop up again in the summer!

  6. Can’t wait for Season 2!

  7. so you guys gonna sub bakuman for the 2nd season? yaaaaayyy!!!! thank you for all of your hardwork!

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