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Silver Spoon Chapter 4

Hi everybody,

Red Hawk Scanlations finished up chapter 4 and posted it a few hours ago. Head over to their post for links or see our page below.

Also, there will be no Silver Spoon next week due to the Golden Week holiday. I’m sure it sucks being outside of Japan and having a normal work week with no manga pick-me-up, but I’m going to enjoy not having to work all next week! I’ll be back in two weeks with chapter 5! ^_^

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Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 3

Hi everybody,

As stated in a previous post, the two of here at Mangawari received an email from one of the admins over at Red Hawk Scanlations last weekend that stated their interest in doing this series. They asked if we’d like to help out and we decided to join the team. Now, we are pleased to announce that chapter 3 has been released in much higher quality then we were able to bring you before. The Red Hawk team of cleaners is absolutely amazing, as are the typesetters. We thank them for letting us remain a part of this project and are pleased to be working with a group with such a great atmosphere.

To make it even better, they also released our first two chapters with their beautiful cleaning job! Even if you already have our versions of the first two chapters, we suggest you replace them with the Red Hawk versions. Find all your links for chapters 1-3 or even read them online below.

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Silver Spoon – Change of Plans

Greetings from us here at Mangawari!

We have some news about the future of “Silver Spoon” that we need to share. Continue reading

The Meaning Behind “Silver Spoon”

CAUTION: If you don’t want to know anything about the meaning behind the title of this manga, don’t read ahead.

A few days ago at work, I asked a coworker of mine if the phrase “Gin no Saji” had any special meaning that he knew of. This started an interesting dialog that eventually led to him looking up some information for me (I didn’t actually know he was going to do this). I was surprised when he handed me this long printed page of info that was pretty interesting, so I decided to do some research and share it with everybody.

Here is what my searching has come up with:
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Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 2

We’re back with the second chapter of Arakawa Hiromu’s new manga, Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji). Special thanks to Qashqai for providing the cleaned pages this week!! Enjoy the chapter!

For the Love of Anime Manga,


Silver Spoon Chapter 2 Progress

I’m sure there are a few people out there wondering when you’re going to be able to get your hands on chapter 2, so here’s a quick progress update:

Cleaning: DONE (Thank you, Qashqai!)
Translation: DONE
Typesetting: DONE!

Release time: Late Friday night (Pacific Standard Time)

Life gets in the way of everything… So annoying.

Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 1

Hello again, everybody!  This is the first chapter of Arakawa Hiromu’s new manga, Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji).  We’re all suffering from Full Metal Alchemist withdrawal, so we’ll take anything with vaguely similar character designs!

We pretty much decided to do this on a random whim when it came out on the same day we finished up the batch torrent for Bakuman.  It looks alright because we were working with a decent raw, but I know about as much about cleaning as Paul Ryan knows about the U.S. budget, so I suppose we’ll dub it “medium quality.”

Also, I’ve been sicker than a dog’s breakfast, Musou_Mitai did pretty much all the work this time around.  Credit where credit is due!

For the Love of Anime Manga,