Bakuman – 15-25 Batch

Hey all you Bakuman fans! Our batch file is finally available!

Here are some of the changes I made:
-All episodes now use the most recent font size/position.
-Chapters added for all episodes.
-Translations fixed and/or tweaked in many places
-Azuki’s anime OP/ED songs were released in the real world, so the translations have been fixed.
-Hard subs in earlier releases were redone as soft subs.

Some of you asked if were we going to go back and do episodes 13 and 14 to ‘fill the gap,’ but I just don’t have the time/motivation to do translations and timing for episodes that are so far in the past. I apologize to all the anal retentive people out there (my editor can tell you that I’m one of the worst!) who like to have complete series all under one fansub group. [SubDesu] and [TMD_A-Destiny] both have solid versions, so if you need to fill the gap, grab one of those.

Keep an eye on the blog for future news. Thanks for making the last 3 months so great!

For the love of anime,


3 responses to “Bakuman – 15-25 Batch

  1. Thank you! A question, though: will there be patches for any of these, even it’s only the non-hardsubbed episodes? Re-downloading the whole 2+ gigs is a little…ouch.

    • Actually, that’s a good question. And one that hadn’t crossed my mind. I have no idea how to make a patch, so if you could point me in the direction of some info on how to do it, I’ll try. However, the hard subbed episodes will have to be downloaded again anyway, as a subtitle patch wouldn’t be able to take the subs off the video.

      • Well, I’ve never had to create a patch before, only use them. But a bit of googling with what I know gives me a little info (for Windows users) – I hope it’s coherent, it’s about time for sleep. 😀
        * xdelta homepage:
        * Tutorial by gg’s koda (?):
        Mind, koda’s post is from 2008, but it should still work the same. And while a commenter says you can’t make a multi-file patch .bat file, I know that I’ve used one or two successfully. I can probably try to hunt down an example if you’d like (tomorrow evening), but I recall it being a pretty simple tweak to the .bat?

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