Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 1

Hello again, everybody!  This is the first chapter of Arakawa Hiromu’s new manga, Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji).  We’re all suffering from Full Metal Alchemist withdrawal, so we’ll take anything with vaguely similar character designs!

We pretty much decided to do this on a random whim when it came out on the same day we finished up the batch torrent for Bakuman.  It looks alright because we were working with a decent raw, but I know about as much about cleaning as Paul Ryan knows about the U.S. budget, so I suppose we’ll dub it “medium quality.”

Also, I’ve been sicker than a dog’s breakfast, Musou_Mitai did pretty much all the work this time around.  Credit where credit is due!

For the Love of Anime Manga,


17 responses to “Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 1

  1. I’m glad to see that someone actually released that! Thought it seems I cannot downloading this. Would you mind to post a ddl link?

    Thanks for your efford 🙂

    • We just uploaded it a few minutes ago, so it’s off to a slow start. My end shows that it’s uploading now so you should be fine, just give it a minute ^_^


  3. Wow cool! Thanks guys!

  4. Thanks for this new series.
    May I ask if I can upload this to manga reading sites?

  5. Wow. You must be an expert on cleaning!

    Thanks for the great effort on Bakuman. Do you have any plans to pick up season 2 in the fall?

  6. whoa, thank you so much!!
    I’m so happy to read SS in English! thank you very much!
    Hope you’ll going to translate every released chapter =)

  7. Thank you for the release! Well, the scans weren’t in HQ in the first place, so it’d be hard to make them look really good, but still, it could’ve been done better, even if you’re not experienced. If you’re interested, I can provide you with cleans I’m making for Polish scanlations (example page: – done from the same RAW as yours); I’m not too experienced with magazine scans myself, but still, I know the basics so they look a bit better. Well, the translation is the most important part anyway, though, so I don’t mind the MQ-ness of the scans. ^^

    • Wow, that’s an impressive job cleaning! Were you working from the same RAW that we used for the release? We were going to try and *actually* clean up the RAW and make it look great, but it turned into a time issue. Mainly the fact that neither one of us have any 😛

      If you’re willing to provide a clean version, that would be great! Just toss us an email at and we’ll be sure to credit you on the title page when we release ^_^

  8. Thank you for scanlating this.

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since it was annouced and I almost missed it. The japanese title is so nondescript next to other mangas that its easy to scroll past. It that happen to me maybe the same for others who wanted to read this manga. Perhaps you should submit it to mangaupdates in its english title? Just a suggestion.

    I mean technically it’s all farming and shiz…but the way it’s done is hilarious lol! I can’t wait for next chapter.

    Dammit the calf is cute DX

  10. Muito obrigado estarei aguardando as próximas edições.

    Thank You’ll Be waiting for the next editions.

  11. Where did you find the RAW? I can’t find a reasonably-sized one in Japanese. ;_;

  12. I read your scanlation on somemanga and I just want to say that I love you! That’s all. Thank you guys.

  13. Personally I’ve never read the author’s previous work Full Metal Alchemist but I can tell this chapter 1/story is pretty interesting.

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