Silver Spoon – Change of Plans

Greetings from us here at Mangawari!

We have some news about the future of “Silver Spoon” that we need to share. Last weekend, we received an email from Ichibukai, one of the head staff members over at Red Hawk Scanlations. He explained that they have had plans to pick up this series for a while now and that they also have access to early RAWs. If you know anything about them (they do the Bakuman manga every week), then you know they also have some amazing cleaners. This means that our Friday/Saturday releases cannot compete.

However, there is good news! They asked me if I would like to help them and continue as the translator! They are also going to let ObsidianTK continue as my proofreader as well while they will handle the cleaning of the RAWs, the typesetting, and all the other stuff like distribution. Our group name won’t be the biggest one on the project, but we’re still going strong ^_^

Thank you all for your support and we hope you continue to follow the series,
-[Mangawari] Scanslations

PS. We have plans for other things as well. Not sure when yet, but keep an eye out for the not-so-well known stuff that you might enjoy.

9 responses to “Silver Spoon – Change of Plans

  1. Great news.
    Go ahead, men!

  2. thanks for letting us use your translations. hope we can work together

  3. so this mean the same translation but with better raws?
    I am in for this!

    • Don’t forget that they’ll be out sooner too!
      *This week is the exception because they’re re-releasing chapter 1 and 2 in HQ.

  4. Thank you for these chapters. I also found very interesting your comments, and hope you keep on writing them.

  5. I like this idea!
    First, the chapter will be released earlier;
    Second, if Mangawari is working with Red Hawk, which has a lot of fans and readers, Musou and Obsidian, or Mangawari itself, will gain recognition and praise worldwide to the manga scanlating industry!

  6. btw, I left a comment in the “About” section, could you please tell what do you think about that matter?

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