Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 3

Hi everybody,

As stated in a previous post, the two of here at Mangawari received an email from one of the admins over at Red Hawk Scanlations last weekend that stated their interest in doing this series. They asked if we’d like to help out and we decided to join the team. Now, we are pleased to announce that chapter 3 has been released in much higher quality then we were able to bring you before. The Red Hawk team of cleaners is absolutely amazing, as are the typesetters. We thank them for letting us remain a part of this project and are pleased to be working with a group with such a great atmosphere.

To make it even better, they also released our first two chapters with their beautiful cleaning job! Even if you already have our versions of the first two chapters, we suggest you replace them with the Red Hawk versions. Find all your links for chapters 1-3 or even read them online below.

Everything Silver Spoon

3 responses to “Mangawari Presents: Silver Spoon Chapter 3

  1. just noticed, this isn’t tagged as a joint project! which in my opinion is a right for you to ask for. even if they had amazing cleaners and typesetters, your job on ch2 was good too. so that doesn’t warrant them to tag it as project of their own and not credit you in the filename. they may have planned to do the series but so did you. as a fan of your group I suggest you demand the joint tag as it’s a right, not a privilege!

    • Thank you for the support. We’re glad people support us so much. And as awesome as it would be to have our name in the filename, it doesn’t really bother the two of us. The guys at Red Hawk have a huge team and were perfectly capable of just picking up the series and rolling over us and our efforts here. In fact, they were in the process of translating chapter 1 again to release it on their own. Instead, they were nice enough to not only warn us of their plans, but ask if we’d like to continue translating.

      As far as planning goes, I actually just picked up the series on a whim the day it was released and did it. And the two of us are on the credits page with our group name listed to let people know we are an entity of our own. We are pleased with the way things turned out.

      Also, we are discussing where to take the group next, but as of yet have no concrete plans. We hope you keep an eye out for whatever we end up doing next.

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