Silver Spoon Chapter 5

Here’s your (not so) weekly dose of Silver Spoon!  This chapter was…  An interesting experience for Musou_Mitai to translate.  But hey, learn something (or many somethings, in this case) every day, right?

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It appears Silver Spoon will be taking a break next week as well, so we’ll see you again in two weeks.  Maybe Arakawa-sensei isn’t having so much fun drawing a weekly series instead of monthly…?

One response to “Silver Spoon Chapter 5

  1. Nice..

    Just a question out of nowhere.. I know Musou_Mitai-sensei currently works as an English teacher in some Japanese school, but now that mentioned it’s a new experience for him, I wonder if he is actually Japanese?
    I generally love to know about translators, because most groups hides their TL and you don’t get to know them.

    Seems an interesting chapter!

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