Concerning Bakuman Season 2

Although we started out here at Mezawari working on the first season of Bakuman, at this time we have no plans to sub season 2. Musou_Mitai and have I discussed it, and we agreed that it is too huge an investment of time — the half of season 1 we did last time was pretty all-consuming for a two man group, and we don’t believe we could juggle it with our manga projects and still provide quality releases in a timely manner.

At the moment, what we’re most concerned about is bringing you high-quality releases of Silver Spoon and Gunota Girl. Both of these are projects that no one else will be working on if we stop them, and they’re very important to us. Unless the quality of the subs of Bakuman season 2 are really bad (as in Guess Subs tier), it’s very unlikely that we’ll risk detracting from the quality of our main projects to compete with other subbing groups on an anime.

Those of you who’ve asked about it, we’re delighted to hear that you liked us well enough to want us back, and we’re sorry to disappoint you. However, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our Silver Spoon and Gunota Girl releases as well as any future project we decide to undertake!

7 responses to “Concerning Bakuman Season 2

  1. I’m really sad to hear this, because you were by far my favourite sub group for the first season, and 2nd season is my most anticipated anime this fall, I really hope another group is able to bring the same quality subs you did with season 1, if guess subs and gg subs are the only 2 groups subbing it I think I will jump off of a bridge, well thanks for silver spoon and gunota girl anyways it must be a lot of work so thank you and keep up the good work. (: and know that at least 1 person will be secretly hoping the entire time that mezawari subs bakuman season 2. xD

  2. aw i’m sad to hear this! But are you also saying that you will come to bakuman’s rescue if what happened last season happens again this season? Because that would be awesome

    • The only truthful answer I can give you is “maybe” — because we’d really have to decide that based on the circumstances. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t mind working on it, but Musou_Mitai has to put a lot more time into anime episodes than I do, so I generally leave final decisions on really time-consuming projects to him. After all, he’s the one who’d be giving up his weekend :P.

      In all honesty, I really hope something like the season 1 drama-fest doesn’t happen, because we have a pretty balanced workload at the moment, and we really love both the projects we’re working on. Hopefully, some other group will do a great job, and we’ll all be happy watching their releases.

  3. Why? Why??
    I hoped you were the masters who sub Bakuman 2
    I’ll kill myself…

  4. It’s sucky that you couldn’t finish Bakuman season 1 nevermind look at doing season 2, the anime is finally getting some quality subbing now but from what I’ve seen you guys have by far the most easy to understand and well written subs so far. Even with my basic knowledge of Japanese I could see there were plenty of the fansub groups just getting it completely wrong or not even bothering to do it right altogether.

    Maybe when you’re done with the two projects you have in mind you could finish it for us? It is nice to see that you aren’t stretching yourself too thin though and sacrificing quality.

  5. Thanks for subbing it. ur work is really much appreciated

  6. Mezawari Rocks! Over the years I’ve seen quite a number of things you folks have done, and all have been first rate. Thank you for your hard work!

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