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Hello everybody. We hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Gunota Girl we released last weekend. We also just released chapter two, so be sure to check the post below or go here.

We have some more news for you, though! We’ve been working on setting up an online reader the last few days and it’s finally ready! Now you can enjoy our releases from wherever you may be! Have fun ^_^

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Bakuman – 20

It’s that time of week again, kiddies! Lots of original content and yet another insert song this time around, but we handled it with our usual cool style.

Seems we had no complaints last week, so we’ll be sticking to soft subs again for karaoke this week; remember to read up here if you’re having trouble with swipe effects and such in Media Player Classic.

Other than that, the cell phone text will be a darker shade of blue from here on out. ¬†Apparently Musou_Mitai decided on light blue as a tribute to my favorite character (manga readers, you know who I’m talkin’ about!), but after someone pointed it out to us last week, we both agreed that it’s a bit on the bright side.

Musou_Mitai-insists-that-I-have-to-say For the love of anime,


Bakuman – 19

Hey everybody. Here’s your weekly Bakuman fix.

Changes this week:
-All subs are soft subbed, including the OP and ED. (Please see note below if you are having problems with the karaoke.)
-Went back to translating on-screen text with normal subs at the top of the screen instead of covering it up with text boxes.
-Chapters have been added to the .mkv for those of you who make use of them.

**Special thanks to Soukyuu for helping me figure out how to add chapters along with some other useful advice. Much appreciated.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the subtitles (karaoke swipe effect not working correctly or text boxes not scrolling properly) in MPC, please see our post.

For the love of anime,


Bakuman – 17

Here is Bakuman 17 for your viewing pleasure. Took a bit longer this week because I decided I deserved to sleep instead of staying up for 36 hours straight like last week. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Oh, and be sure to subscribe to know as soon as we release!

For the love of anime,


Bakuman – 15v2

Version 2 changes:
– Added karaoke to OP and ED
– Fixed some translation errors
– Changed main font

We received quite a few emails and comments about the font I chose. It seems it was disliked by many, including my editor, so I really had no choice but to change it to something else. Let us know what you think.

Also, be sure to subscribe to know as soon as we release!

For the love of anime,


Bakuman – 16

It’s already been another week and with it comes the second release by the two of us here at [Mezawari].

I spent some time last week making karaoke for all of you out there who like to know what the songs mean. It was my first time so I had to do a bit of research, but I hope it’s up to par.

Also, be sure to sign up for the RSS feed if you want to know as soon as we release.

We will also be releasing a version two of episode 15 with the Karaoke added and some translation errors fixed within the next couple days, so be sure to grab that as well.

For the love of anime,

PS. Just to let everybody know, I spent all week working on building a time machine. Then I traveled to the future, stole guesssubs’ work, and brought it back for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy


Panel from Chapter 19, Page 11 of Bakuman