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Bakuman – 15-25 Batch

Hey all you Bakuman fans! Our batch file is finally available!

Here are some of the changes I made:
-All episodes now use the most recent font size/position.
-Chapters added for all episodes.
-Translations fixed and/or tweaked in many places
-Azuki’s anime OP/ED songs were released in the real world, so the translations have been fixed.
-Hard subs in earlier releases were redone as soft subs.

Some of you asked if were we going to go back and do episodes 13 and 14 to ‘fill the gap,’ but I just don’t have the time/motivation to do translations and timing for episodes that are so far in the past. I apologize to all the anal retentive people out there (my editor can tell you that I’m one of the worst!) who like to have complete series all under one fansub group. [SubDesu] and [TMD_A-Destiny] both have solid versions, so if you need to fill the gap, grab one of those.

Keep an eye on the blog for future news. Thanks for making the last 3 months so great!

For the love of anime,


Bakuman – 25 (END)

The final episode of Bakuman’s first season is here!  Enjoy!

For the Love of Anime,


Bakuman – 24

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.  One more episode to go this season!

For the Love of Anime,


Bakuman – 23

Finally!  After a week’s break for some really tragic circumstances, Bakuman is back on the air, and we’re here to sub it!

Due to a some feedback we received recently, font is a little higher and a little bigger this week.  It is extremely unlikely that we will change it again, and the end of season batch torrent will have all episodes with this style.

For everyone affected by the tragedy in Japan,


PS: All of you who posted in the previous comment about Musou_Mitai subbing during a 6.1 aftershock, thank you so much!  You guys are what makes it worth it to spend ridiculous amounts of time on this every week :D.

PPS: Musou_Mitai is tired of straining his ears to hear people talking over music, and his TV card doesn’t work with Japanese TV and an American version of Windows, so if anybody is interested in supplying us with a raw that has CC, toss us an email.

Bakuman – 22

You win, Bakuman!  Stop it with the songs!

Took us longer than usual this week because Musou_Mitai is lazy and unmotivated, but that’s nothing new.  Also, he wastes time on things like “talking to girls” and “sleeping” when he ought to be translating!

For the blah blah blah,


Bakuman – 21

Good morning, campers!  Here’s your weeky infusion of Bakuman, complete with yet another song we had to karaoke.

Trivia time: Koogy’s song is actually an arrangement of  “Euphoria,” a song by Hyde, the lead singer for L’Arc~en~Ciel (a group you may know from the second Full Metal Alchemist OP, “Ready Steady Go,” or “Daybreak’s Bell,” the first Gundam 00 season 1 OP) and VAMPS.  “Euphoria” is off of VAMPS’ 2010 album “Beast,” and Hyde himself actually makes a guest appearance as Koogy’s producer.

If I don’t say, “For the Love of Anime,” Musou_Mitai will just edit it into my post, so…

For the Love of Anime,


Bakuman – 20

It’s that time of week again, kiddies! Lots of original content and yet another insert song this time around, but we handled it with our usual cool style.

Seems we had no complaints last week, so we’ll be sticking to soft subs again for karaoke this week; remember to read up here if you’re having trouble with swipe effects and such in Media Player Classic.

Other than that, the cell phone text will be a darker shade of blue from here on out.  Apparently Musou_Mitai decided on light blue as a tribute to my favorite character (manga readers, you know who I’m talkin’ about!), but after someone pointed it out to us last week, we both agreed that it’s a bit on the bright side.

Musou_Mitai-insists-that-I-have-to-say For the love of anime,