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Concerning Bakuman Season 2

Although we started out here at Mezawari working on the first season of Bakuman, at this time we have no plans to sub season 2. Musou_Mitai and have I discussed it, and we agreed that it is too huge an investment of time — the half of season 1 we did last time was pretty all-consuming for a two man group, and we don’t believe we could juggle it with our manga projects and still provide quality releases in a timely manner.

At the moment, what we’re most concerned about is bringing you high-quality releases of Silver Spoon and Gunota Girl. Both of these are projects that no one else will be working on if we stop them, and they’re very important to us. Unless the quality of the subs of Bakuman season 2 are really bad (as in Guess Subs tier), it’s very unlikely that we’ll risk detracting from the quality of our main projects to compete with other subbing groups on an anime.

Those of you who’ve asked about it, we’re delighted to hear that you liked us well enough to want us back, and we’re sorry to disappoint you. However, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our Silver Spoon and Gunota Girl releases as well as any future project we decide to undertake!

Now Recruiting!

Hey everybody, it’s been awhile. I feel like the two of us have been neglecting the blog for too long. We’ve both been dealing with life obligations and we are still working on Silver Spoon with the guys over at Red Hawk Scans, so we’ve been pretty busy.

Recently, I’ve been reading a bunch of different manga trying to find something that we are both interesting in translating. ObsidianTK wanted me to find something SciFi related and not your run-of-the-mill shounen manga. Well, we have some good news. We believe that we have finally found something that we’re interested in doing and from the look of things, almost nobody has even heard of it. I’m not going to announce the series itself to everybody just yet, but you’ll find out soon enough. In order to do this right, however, just the two of us is not going to cut it anymore. We’re going to need some extra hands.

So, Mangawari is officially seeking help. We are looking for some cleaners and a typesetter who is willing to do 30ish page chapters. If you’re interested, please send us an email at and we’ll give you more information.

Silver Spoon – Change of Plans

Greetings from us here at Mangawari!

We have some news about the future of “Silver Spoon” that we need to share. Continue reading